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2018-02-04 16:46

TRT team was set up

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  In December 24th, Guangdong may be the coldest day this winter, especially in the race region open, cold air freshened occasionally blowing, people have to make up a. The cold weather, however, failed to cool one of the hot racing hearts. TRT driver competition held at the Guangdong International Speedway, attracted many people to participate in the car.

  The TRT team is committed to civilian drivers, car enthusiasts to provide a round car dream, hope from the passion for motorsport, but the lack of good technical conditions on the stage of the greater civilian riders in the selection of Representatives, with professional technical service team TRT racing and BC suspension, exhaust, oil Vanhool Lite oil brand business support backing for them to achieve by amateur riders qualify to become a professional team a car dream.

  Cold weather does not match the fire of a racing car

  Nine in the morning, the sun is not through the winter bleak, prepare the drivers have gathered in GIC, while waiting for the start of the tournament, while huddled together chat chat car modification. The TRT driver selects non-governmental drivers for the folk. So most of the drivers are from the province. A driver named Sheng Alin also came to Hainan from a distance. The TRT team provided hot water and snacks for the people who came to the scene to supplement their physical energy, and the whole scene was happy.

  It is understood that the number of applicants in this trial is over 100. The organizers rejected some original cars for safety and efficiency considerations, so the number of drivers who participated in the sea trials finally was 40. To ensure the greatest degree of fairness, competition by audition (owned vehicle (TRT) + final arrangement unified modification specification format, with Time racing) in the form of Attack score, so in addition to the driver in his car ran the fastest lap, still need in the shortest time to familiar and unfamiliar car driving make the best results.

  At the same time, in the sea selection car, the TRT team has also carried out a detailed division of the regulations, the 1.6 to 2.5 displacement of the various common configuration of the modified car into six groups. Despite the strict competition cases, the whole race car didn't bring much surprise to the audience, but all the refitted cars were gathered together, which provided an appetizer for this cold winter.

  Passion selection, seed driver

  After the convoy manager Deng Guangyao's meeting of the pre race drivers, the sea election began. The drivers did not stay in the indoor heating, and they were walking out of the service area. In such a cold environment, the drivers need to respond to not only the opponents, but also to overcome the cold and improve the temperature of the tire.

  With the green flag with AB, a total of two groups of 20 cars ahead of the battle. Out of the weather, and the car body state is taken into account, most of the drivers are more conservative, the first to warm up lap hot car, then sprint. In order to raise the tire temperature quickly, car No. 31 Liu Jialun ran out of control and ran into a guardrail when he made a warm tire on the big straight road. Fortunately, the car just hit the front bag, Liu Jialun returned to the track in the second round of sea election, running out of 1 points, 28 seconds, 831 of the fastest lap speed, smoothly into the final.

  As well as No. 26 and No. 27 Honda civic EG8 Honda. Their drivers were Liu Yifeng and Ceng Jianwen. Although the selection criteria for the sea are individual circle speed, the two people together still have a lot of excellent attack and defense. Finally, Liu Yifeng made the two best lap of 1 minute 31 seconds 973 and 1 minutes and 30 seconds 250, with the first team in the finals; Zeng Jianwen opened, the second team to follow up the final.

  After two rounds of sea election, the 12 drivers stand out from the competition, driving the remodeled cars by the TRT, and the 5 lap Time Attack time race. In the limited number of cycles, how to get familiar with the car as soon as possible and give full play to its maximum performance is the key to winning. Finally, Liu Yifeng, Ceng Jianwen, Hu Shiguang, Sheng from the four riders successfully defeated rivals to become the first driver TRT team members.

  The embryonic form has become the wing of the wings

  After the game, the TRT team has been established on the grand conference, TRT team boss Zongxiang Xian to the audience and the driver made a speech and presented concise and to the point, the certificate to the four drivers. Composed by the team manager Deng Guangyao and four drivers of the first team squad also unveiled in front of the media and the audience, they will drive the TRT modification of the new Yaris, strong team in equipment and logistics support, on behalf of the TRT team to participate in the end of the year held in Guangdong Guojisaichechang war - fighting 4 hours endurance race.

  According to Mr. Deng Guangyao introduced the TRT team (Twoway Racing Team) is a member of the Twoway Group, by Twoway Group owned establishment and operation management, the purpose of the team is a professional racing driver, technical services for civilian car enthusiasts to provide a round car dream. With Twoway Group and Twoway Race professional operation team professional tournament experience and technical authority in the test drive, car testing, technical training, event operations forum, TRT team after the establishment, will be professional, active attitude in 2013 the year of the three pan PRD angle super racing festival and GIC war three the race and other large events.

  At the team's conference, the four drivers said they wanted to win an honor for the team. At the same time, Liu Yifeng also said, thanks to the TRT team provides the opportunity for him to participate in the sports event; Ceng Jianwen said, surprised to finalists, hoping the team back to have more tournament selection; Hu Shiguang holding a relaxed attitude to battle, also shortlisted for the surprise; Hainan driver Sheng Alin said, for the first time in GIC racing, not too familiar with the site, the state has not been fully played out, in the hope of endurance race for the team have satisfactory performance.

  Sunset, TRT driver competition finished, all participating drivers and spectators have a positive evaluation of events, TRT prototype is also clearly displayed in people's eyes, only the first formal event test. It is believed that in the TRT team, more and more drivers and enthusiasts will join the motorcade, and more and more people will fall in love with the car.