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2012-02-27 17:47

2012 Guangzhou auto Articles Exhibition

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In the 2012 guangzhou auto show, we saw a little common in large exhibition appearances, but he is a powerful old line, it is guangzhou haiyue remodeled stores.This their participation is mainly show their brand new exhaust VANHOOL products.As modified, modified products will show in the car is the most intuitive, of course, the sea yue brought a nissan GT - R (R35) as below, and the paint was also installed VANHOOL segment titanium alloy exhaust.

Graph: guangzhou haiyue head south elder brother group photo with the car model.
Graph: put in the booth of the sea yue with numerous exhaust product demonstration.
Graph: paint parked in an inclined platform, and fitted with glass, below platform diagonal that GT - R under the skirt of beauty in.
Figure: as the GT -r chassis panel very much, so only the most prominent set of VANHOOL exhaust products.